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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX Business  August 9, 2015 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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up 20%. >> jonas? what do you like? >> let artificial technology see my medical records. it's going to be up 20% because l fortune. somebody's always watching me. >> gary b., bull or bear? >> bear. >> neil is next. forget letting illegals into the country. now we're letting them run the country? hi, everyone. i'm neil cavuto. the city of huntington park in california just appointed two illegal immigrants as commissioners. that means the illegals will now be making decisions on behalf of legal americans. and that did not sit well with some fans in that audience not intrigued. something tells me jeb bush isn't either. >> the idea that illegal immigrants would be on a city council is absurd. just as it is for sanctuary cities to exist. you can't have cities that just blatantly violate federal law and then have the tragedies that take place as they did outside of cleveland and in
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san francisco recently. this is wrong. it's absolutely wrong. and it creates this feeling that we're never going to get to the proper place for immigration because no one thinks that the borders are going to be secure, no one thinks the rule of law applies. and they need to think that for us to get to the elements of immigration reform that will create higher sustained growth. >> to ben stein, charles payne, dagen mcdowell, charlie gasparino, adam lashinsky, still out on his debate drinking game fallout. ben stein, what did you make of this? it's happening in your neck of the woods and i can't understand it. what do you think of that? it's one thing to have illegal immigrants, we know they're here, but putting them on a board. >> there's a great, great, great writer named isaac singer who said hollywood is an insane asylum, a real one, and that's true basically of southern california generally in terms of our political decisions. it's the best place to live in the world. i love it. i've never been happier anywhere
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else i've ever lived except idaho than l.a., but we have crazy people making decisions and they think this is a compassionate thing to do, think this is a loving thing to do. in fact, it's an illegal thing to do. you cannot have people who are not citizens running as commissioners for a city in the united states of america. it's just flat out illegal and they can't do it. but they'll do it anyway and probably some dam superior court judge will uphold it. >> the argument of the mayor was there's a large illegal community there and they needed representation and their voice heard and put these two on. what do you think? >> if you're illegal you shouldn't be in this country, period. get out. >> let me write that down. >> right on. >> illegal, should not be in country. >> i'll tell you what this is going to do. these isolated instances, though, it is pushing particularly the republican party, which you saw in the debate, even though unauthorized immigration has been roughly stable over the last five years. it is pushing conservatives more
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and more against, you know, keeping people in this country. a path to citizenship. you heard governor scott walker change hitz opinion on that. the further left the left goes the further right the right will go. >> charles payne, what do you think? >> well put. >> this thing is almost a comedy, i swear. i'm thinking like woody allen -- banana republic or something. there could be a movie somewhere here, ben. you got to know someone because it's so absurd because they would actually do this. it's beyond the pale of imagination that you would make illegals in charge of making laws in this country. >> look, they aren't paid, these illegals. >> they aren't paid? >> i want you to hear this out. they are not paid. you can't blame them. they are the children of illegals, got here at a very young age. what do you think? >> well, it's kind of a stupid argument in the sense that, you know, this is -- >> you're not saying i'm stupid. >> no. all the mayor's arguments are
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dumb for this reason. this is a town that's basically heavily hispanic, run by hispanic politicians. there is no -- >> legals. >> until now, right. gives new meaning to the word sanctuary city, i guess. but there is no grievance group or no -- maybe there is a new affirmative action group that one of our liberal cast members can tell us about, illegal immigrants can now get affirmative action. they can start their own anymy noert-owned firms, do something else. this is a new classification maybe. >> jessica, you are in the role of adam lashinsky today trying to make sense of something that seems incredibly asinine. go. >> well, i think what we're looking at here is actually shining a spotlight on the fact that these folks are already in this country and there's big difference between, say, what happened in san francisco with sanctuary cities and kate steinle where you have people being murdered by people who are felons in this country and
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people who are here who are undocumented workers, go to school here -- >> they're illegal. >> they're illegally here but want to become american citizens. >> i know. my point is -- >> they have a plan. >> they should not be here and now we're going a step further saying we know you should .here, but would you settle for being on a board, a commission. >> i can't speak to the legality of them being on the board. supposedly the city attorney in this case said it was not against the law. >> you can get one of those morons to say anything. >> what we heard last night from bush and rubio was interesting about dialling with the folks who are already here. >> we don't put them on boards. >> we should point out you can get one of these deep doepy city attorneys to say anything. as ben said, you can get a higher court to approve this thing. i will say this, and i'm from immigrati immigration, obviously. >> really? >> yes. from mars. only kidding. but anyway, but my great grandparents came here and waited on line. i don't understand why these
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people don't just jump across a stream dividing texas from mexico and can come here illegally and benefit from our welfare state. i think it's an abomination. >> it's worse than that because they're being rewarded more and more. to say that this is this isn't like a sanctuary city and a felon, this is actually even worse. we're saying, listen, you can actually start to gain power and influence. you can start to write the rules in a country where you're breaking the rules by being here in the first place. again, it's beyond the pale this is happening. >> and there's a cost factor. >> i'm waiting for someone to tell me it's april fools. >> there's a cost factor here. you can't have open borders and a welfare state and this is the epitome of open boarders. >> isn't this an extension of what we've seen already? >> jeb bush mentioned this last night, saying we've already got these people waiting in line. it goes against that argument. but there is no path for them to become citizens. >> he said more than that.
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he said you have to send them back, apply, wait on line. >> the one thing i see that's going on here is whfr you think about illegals and dealing with that problem and those who shouldn't be here, it's one thing to recognize the obvious that you shouldn't be here, quite another to reward them and put them on a government board where they can be calling orders whether they're paid or not, usurping legal americans who should be on such commissions. that's when it gets crazy. >> the resources are being spent on keeping illegal immigrants in this country rather than remoouchg them from this country is. >> great point. >> it becomes a rolling ball that you cannot stop. >> we're already at that not-stop stage, right, ben? >> way past the nonstop stage. it is at the stage where it will roll over all of us. the next stage will be that they can vote, and the next stage they'll be illegal immigrants a senators, illegal immigrant as a supreme court judge and justice. there's no stopping them.
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once the political ball starts crushing the legal ball, we are all in trouble. >> and the welfare state will grow and grow because it's in their best interest to expand the welfare state, take in the more undocumented who come from poor countries. they need help. they need social services and we have to pay for it all. >> jessica, the only argument is a logical extension of some crazy, you know, stunts we've seen extended and extended again where we provide driver's licenses, working permit, that is all stuff to those who should not be here pap lot of americans pay taxes and deal with all these lumps again and again say really? and now i have to answer to set commissioners and board members of one city and this is going to happen in other cities and this will go down and not be to poed and lit pop up in a number of other communities? don't you think that alone frustrates legal americans and those who have legally gone through the immigration process to say next time i'm just going to hop the fence?
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>> i mean, i think it does frustrate people, especially those folks waiting in line. i think that's an undeniable fact. but we do have these millions of people who are here. it's not just a welfare issue. a lot of these folks are doing the jobs that other folks don't want to do like picking fruit and being itinerant farmers and doing lesser jobs -- >> if wages went up more americans would take those jobs. >> itinerant farmers? >> if you had less -- >> that is what they're doing. we have a huge issue with people picking tomatoes and fruits. >> one at a time. charlie. >> here's the problem with liberals like jessica. they talk about the wage gap growing and growing and growing, yet the people that are hiring making lot more, people lower end making a lot less, but then they want to flood the labor market with undocumented workers. >> she never said that. >> she did. >> no, no, no. >> absolutely not.
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>> she just said they need to pick fruit. >> -- these businesses. >> jess kashgs all i'm saying is you as a liberal or someone with a kind heart or whatever you want to describe it, an we're paying for that, which is fine, i'm saying do you find it a bit much when we take that to the next level and start appointing our representatives who aren't even legally here to be remit tichs to then start dictating policy to americans who are then illegally here? is that somehow not crazy mixed up, upside down asinine? >> yeah. i'm with ben, though, only in california. yanl this happening anywhere else in the country. >> really. >> you need to take a trip east. >> vermont. >> good point. >> and new york city. when we come back, a top democrat coming out against the iran deal. i'm wondering if it makes this particular democrat a mullah too. today on "forbes on fox," defunding planned parenthood. most gop presidential candidates
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i'm uma pemmaraju. back to more with cavuto. >> it's those hard-liners chanting "death to america" who have been those most opposed to the deal. they're making common cause with the republican caucus. >> and apparently senator chuck sumer in lock step with that caucus that does not like this
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iranian deal. ben stein, we have to add a few more democrats to that list, quite a few more. what's going on? >> well, it's interesting. aol and "the huffington post" explains it all, they're all jews and therefore not loyal. "huffington post" is sayingitis shocking. what i'm saying is this is an about of great courage by mr. schumer, i think an about of great intelligence, god bless his soul and god bless america. this man is a man to be reckoned with. >> he might be but being cynical, charlie gasparino reading into it political calculation that he knows the votes are not there to override a presidential veto and he gets him both ways. >> i agree with part of that. i also think chuck schumer heard it from his constituents. i know that for a fact because i know a lot of these stilt who is basically said in new york, you do this, you lose me, okay.
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they put it point-blank. when he showed up at meetings with jewish philanthropists and other money guys, he was told you are selling israel down the river. basically he listened to them. the other thing is, and i just wonder, can they rejigger this where they come back, do something to it where chuck schumer comes back and says, okay now, that they fixed a few thing, i'm for it. i wonder if that's in the cards. >> even with these democrats, and some are obvious, some are not, but the numbers still two-thirds majority, house and the senate, that's to watch for and we're nowhere near it. >> nowhere near it. the notion, first of all, you don't have to be jewish to be opposed to this iranian nuke deal. i think it's destructive and -- >> you're not jewish? >> no, not anymore.
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>> our ben stein there. >> you don't have to be jewish to be opposed to it. moreover the idea that anyone who is opposed to it are on the same page of those in iran saying "death to america," that is the lowest blow. president obama was desperate this week. he spent an hour rambling, trying to sell this to congress and the american people, saying if it's not this deal it will be war. he is desperate and a lot of people might follow chuck schumer's lead. right now doesn't seem like it, but it wouldn't be a surprise to me. this is a bad deal. >> about a week ago a key adviser to the supreme leader khomeini said in an interview with al jazeera that there was no access to military sites. it was absolutely forbidden access from u.n. inspectors period, and that's final nap's what think think about this deal. we're entering into a deal they will never, ever abide by. >> we don't know that for sure. jessica, what we know for sure
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is the president chose the venue of american university in the summertime as did john f. kennedy more than 50 years ago and compared it what john f. kennedy was pitching at the time. do you think john f. kennedy talking about a deal with the soviets and even though it might be hard to prove, is analogous to a deal with the iranians that might be equally hard to prove? >> i mean, i think it's a stretch but i can see where they were coming from on it and there certainly are some similarities. i think the president certainly sees this as a centerpiece of his presidency, something he's been working on for the last eight years. >> hold on nap's not what i asked. john f. kennedy wanted to scale back what was a nuclear buildup on the part of us and the soviet union. right? this president wants to scale back the nuclear potential of another country. it's like a banana republic with a tin pot dictator versus what was -- essentially our equal in
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military power or close to it more than 50 years ago. is there eve an comparison? >> i think we're still talking nuclear weapons and we're talking about sort of evil dictatorships in the way -- and people who hate america. >> still talking about human beings, still talking about -- a hot summer. >> what was the greatest respect, i could tell immediately is the nuclear test ban treaty had been violated. they can tell that instantly. not true with iran. the next thing we'll. >> from what i'm hearing hillary rodham i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere.
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sfloot details are few and far between. this savings plan doesn't sound like it's going to save us money. what do you think? >> i think the more the government gets involved, whether it's grants, whether it's additional loans, the cost of college will keep rising. it will keep skyrocketing. new york federal reserve did a study that people would know about if they watched cavuto coast-to-coast on the fox business network, but they tied the amount of government help to the skyrocketing college costs, period. >> did i say that? >> yes, you did. you were all over it. >> i am outraged. ben stein, what do you think of that? >> a long time ago the great genius economist milton friedman said why should the machinists
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in a factory in south carolina have be to tacked to pay for the child of an orthodontist going to child when the child is either doing nothing productive or using a useless skill. he should pay for himself. she should pay for themselves. it's an investment. they should pay for themselves. >> when you look at this, i understand what she's getting at. it's getting out of whack, and college tu eggs and room and board really out of whack. we do know that every time we hike aid or protection, universities, colleges, they come around again and willy nilly hike their tuitions. to beg his point, isn't that the cycle you got to stop? >> we're talking about fluctuating factors here. a lot of the institutions are state-run institutions. the states have been pulling money back. especially since the economy has been hit. they've been going to the federal government and asking for help here, and they're saying that the reason these costs are rising is because they can't handle it on their own tax issue, and they need help from
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the federal government. i think that's probably the youngest person on the panel, and i think this is a generational issue here because it's my generation going forward that is going to be carrying these costs. >> my generation. my generation -- >> i will say this. there's a reason why bernie sanders and all these other lefties want to subsidyize education. they want to subsidyize liberal lefty brainwashing. that's what they know. they get voters -- >> liberals. >> i do. i have liberals as brainwashers, and that's what they are. when you are going to college, you are being brainwashed. >> what do you think of what he is saying? >> i agree with what he is saying, but the economics of it is frightening. $1.2 trillion. president obama kicked out although private lenders so the taxpayers $850 billion right now already. he put into place $40 billion. this will be huge and a major blow to american taxpayers. >> all right. i certainly want to thank. charlie and jessica, especially. you kept the balance in that, and we very much appreciate
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that. all right. in the meantime, no pain, no gain. look how much you would have made if you simply listen to charles in march. now he is going can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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>> netflix up about 100%. what did you do? >> take a look at interactive. huge conglomerate. that includes at least to $100.
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also, you probably know the -- it's infotainment. >> ben, thoughts? >> a like buffett. >> okay. that will do it. >>. defunded planned parenthood four years ago long before any of this came out. >> prosecute planned parenthood for any criminal violations. >> absolutely, we need to defund planned parenthood. >> as governor of the state of florida i defunded planned parenthood. >> gop presidential candidates making it clear at the debates they would defund planned parenthood as another disturbing video is released, and hillary clinton, meanwhile, launching a new ad defending the group and accusing republicans of waging war on women. >> republicans like scott walker and jeb bush are calling to defund planned parenthood. if this feels like a full-on assault on women's


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